6 Recent Incidents That Show the Need for CCTV Storage

Whether you require a CCTV security system for commercial purposes like a business, or simply for the security of your house, an adaptive and intelligent security network is very important. And to have an efficient one, a vital element to take care of is storage. With the help of operational wireless CCTV cameras, statistics show that around 72% of the thefts and crimes taking place in businesses and homes could be prevented by basic security measures such as CCTV monitoring and ensuring adequate storage. Some recent violations and felonies that have occurred that display the importance of CCTV and its storage are:

  1. A thief in Hebbal has been carefully identifying locked houses at various localities and waits for the opportunity to sneak in and steal precious and semi-precious jewellery. The police have identified the thief through inspection of CCTV footage surrounding the homes that have been robbed and have since arrested an R.T Nagar resident who works as an insurance agent. The alleged culprit has stolen close to 400 grams of gold and 150 grams of silver jewellery. His modus operandi was to identify locked and closed houses during visits while selling insurance policies and then come back later to steal.
  2. Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel of Andheri, Mumbai recently nabbed a habitual offender after zeroing in on him with the help of CCTV footage. Two different passengers had reported thefts on two different occasions, and while scouring through CCTV footage, the same suspicious man was identified to be at the scene in the Andheri station. This is a prime example of how CCTV storage is extremely useful both short-term and long-term, as both incidents were about 3 months apart but the offender was still arrested.
  3. A canteen worker at IIT Bombay has been arrested for being caught recording videos of a student while she was in her hostel washroom. The student had spied a looming mobile outside her window while showering and immediately went to the hostel's authorities who in turn went to check their CCTV cameras for data. The police were notified, and the canteen worker was immediately arrested, and scrolling through old footage revealed that this was not the first time. The worker was then promptly jailed for voyeurism of the IPC.
  4. A OnePlus showroom in Ludhiana was burgled, and nearly 25 smartphones were stolen in the span of 10 minutes. The showroom's security guards were allegedly asleep and alerted the police early in the morning when they realised that the store had been ransacked. Officers inspected the site and found minimal evidence to even begin bringing suspects to the station for questioning. When they scoured through CCTV footage, they found the entire feed for that particular week wiped off. An officer luckily identified a CCTV security camera adjacent to the mall that would have the mall exit in its point of view. That footage revealed that the security guards were involved as well, and they were promptly interrogated and arrested.
  5. A CCTV camera outside a resident's house in Dell Rapids captured and stored a video that was later extremely vital in court; one car slammed into another, leading to another collision. Aside from skid marks on the road and damaged vehicles, the police were pretty clueless about the events that went down as there were no eyewitnesses. The victim himself had no idea what the make of the car was and could not note down the license plate number before the car sped away. When the CCTV footage was handed over, however, they were presented with a high-quality clip of the vehicle travelling at a fast rate and were able to clearly identify every wrongdoer in the video. This case highlights how security cameras at home can assist in security, as 90% of the police's evidence was based on the video.
  6. Investigators identified a suspect in the Mario Farrugia murder due to the CCTV footage that was obtained from all over the city. Farrugia's body was found with 30 stab wounds in his taxi in April. Since then, police officers have sourced CCTV footage from over 50 cameras to track down a murder suspect. An analysed compilation of the footage, which consisted of the areas Farrugia lived in, frequently habituated, and worked in the most, revealed enough evidence to jail their prime suspect.


All these incidents show the importance of CCTV camera installation, storing the footage, and how the element of it being completely unbiased in its footage can help tremendously. While your security system might be of the most high-end quality with great features and a high resolution, not having the right storage system to accompany it makes the camera slightly redundant. Optimizing your CCTV storage system according to your needs is crucial and is a worthy investment as it helps you save on your resources. It also acts as a contingency safety net to hold external parties accountable in case something goes wrong.