Is Using CCTV an Advantage in 2022?

CCTV in 2022

With growing population, Indian security needs have also evolved. To solve issues like terrorism and growing crimes against women, robust surveillance by CCTV aid law enforcement agencies to a great extent. As per research, the Indian CCTV market is expected to achieve a staggering CAGR of 22.35% over the period of 2022-2026. Let us analyse some key facts to understand the importance of CCTV in India in 2022:

Key CCTV Facts in India 

  • In the initial phase, usage of analog cameras was prevalent. With rapid technological advancement, there has been an increase in the adoption of IP cameras, which offer sharper, high-definition digital images, with advanced neuro networks and video analytics. This, combined with robust storage capability, penetration of the internet and optimized connectivity ensures real-time monitoring and safe storage capabilities.
  • With the outbreak of COVID-19, constant surveillance of the hospital wards became the need of the hour. With increase in complaints of overcharging in hospitals in major cities of India, there were strict laws issued to curb this menace by way of mandatory CCTV installation. With the help of artificial intelligence integrated in the system, alarms triggered when cameras detected failure of social distancing at the hospitals among other security issues.
  • To ensure children’s safety at schools, several state governments have taken significant steps like providing large funds for extensive CCTV installation across campuses.
  • While considering domestic consumption, there has been staggering demand for reliable, advanced and remote-operating CCTV systems in India. Consumers are increasingly looking for surveillance solutions, which can be easily operated remotely with data safely stored for ready access. Increasing awareness coupled with accessible resources have resulted in a more aware and intelligent consumer base.
  • With an eye to increase their market share in this competitive segment, companies have allocated huge resources to increase production and manufacturing in India to boost the export and meet growing domestic demands of indigenous and security surveillance infrastructure.


Indian CCTV segment is now in a rapid transformational stage where domestic consumption and advanced technology are driving the demand. From governments and institutions to the consumers, there is an increase in need of robust products which can deliver high-resolution digital image, combined with cutting edge technology, at the same time while accessing, storing, and protecting the data from intrusion or theft. One can safely assume that optimum use of CCTV, backed by superior system, is a great advantage for an individual as well as the government.