Five Differences Between Security Cameras &
Surveillance Cameras - Which One Do You Need?

Security cameras and Surveillance cameras are two interchangeably used terms when it comes to cameras used for monitoring safety and security, however, the primary difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras is the purpose of each system. In order to monitor consumer traffic and business activities, security cameras are frequently found at retail establishments, office buildings etc. On the other hand, to identify and deter criminal conduct, surveillance cameras are strategically positioned in public areas.

For all your security requirements, security and surveillance cameras are available in a broad range of form factors and styles. CCTV is frequently viewed as security equipment that also serves essential functions in monitoring and controlling situations. It has developed into a crucial instrument for businesses engaged in security, traffic management, crowd management, etc. Delivering a 24/7 video surveillance solution for all security needs is the goal. You may always decide what would work best for you in terms of home security solutions or creating a surveillance system for any private environment.

It's important to understand that different cameras are required for different situations. For example, nanny cams, warehouse security, etc. They both have diverse applications and are used for different purposes.

  Security Cameras Surveillance Cameras
1. Function Security cameras justcapture what is happening in front of them and transmit the video to arecorder, either digitally or by cable cabling, with no influence over the areathey are observing. The purpose ofsurveillance cameras is to keep an eye on a certain public location,generally from a distance. They are usually openly visible.
2. Technology Security cameras arefound in several locations like retail stores, office buildings, parkinglots, etc. They are used to monitor public activity by recording footageonly. Surveillance camerasare designed to alarm the authorities when criminal activity takes place. They are integrated with AI, but security cameras are just cameras that record footage.
3. Application Security cameras arejust used to record footage for evidence in case of criminal activity Surveillance cameras, on the other hand, canbe installed at industrial facilities and highly dense areas.Furthermore, they canbe paired with smart devices like alarms to take action as soon as somethinghappens.
4. Features Security camerasgenerally utilize a television to transmit signals and can connect wirelesslyor with various cords. Moreover, they can be set to turn on when motion orsound is detected. Signals fromsurveillance cameras are transmitted over LAN, Wi-Fi, or cellular networkswhen they are connected wirelessly or using Power Over Ethernet (PoE), asingle Ethernet cable. They offer continuous recording as opposed to securitycameras.
5. Storage Security (CCTV)cameras transmit video data through a physical data cable into local storagesites such as a television or a DVR. Surveillance (InternetProtocol) cameras use a digital signal to store transmitted data.

CCTV (closed-circuit television), also known as Security Cameras, require an extensive amount of storage, and in several scenarios, users end up falling short of it. Make sure you choose the right storage model for your CCTV security system.

For reference, there are four types of CCTV storage. It ranges from 6GB to 6TB; 6GB to 60GB, and 600GB to 6TB. The storage solution you use depends on a few factors such as low resolution, moderate duration, video quality, longer duration, etc.

If you are satisfied with low resolution and a short duration of recording, then you can go for storage ranging from 6 GB to 60 GB. But, if you require a high resolution of video quality, then you will benefit from 600GB to 6TB.

In a Nutshell, security has been a rather serious problem since the dawn of time. We grow up with the idea that we have to be on guard at all times. This has been an especially daunting reality for kids who have grown up in India. Therefore, you must take all types of security measures you possibly can to protect them from harm. Security cameras and surveillance cameras can be one of them!