CCTV Camera: Price Vs Safety

What is CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is an interconnected system in which cameras and the recording devices are directly connected to display and record data in form of images and video.

5 Factors Which Determine the Price of CCTV Camera  

The price of a CCTV camera is mainly dependant on:

  1. Camera type - There are two types of CCTV camera – Analog and IP. Analog CCTV cameras record images to a digital recorder which transforms the video to a digital format. On the other hand, IP cameras record in a digital format, thus no conversion process is needed.
  2. Brand - Brand type determines the value of the product and type of service it can deliver to its buyers.
  3. Indoor/Outdoor - Indoor cameras are relatively cheaper than the outdoor ones because of durability and longevity factors.
  4. Camera Resolution - Higher resolution cameras offer better images which translate to premium pricing.
  5. Storage Options – From physical server to cloud storage, there are abundant storage types available to store the CCTV data.

Importance of Choosing The Right CCTV Camera

Price plays an important role while choosing a CCTV camera. Irrespective of other factors like brand, warranty, storage, image definition among others, price becomes paramount, which is evident by the growing search engine queries centred around it. However, the selection of a proper CCTV camera is crucial as it is an important component of your personal safety. To compromise safety for price may not seem the best idea and could potentially jeopardise your security. Here are some vital facts one must look out for before finalizing a CCTV camera:

  • Choose wireless cameras for ensuring non-tampered and continuous surveillance footage.
  • Opt for better resolution products to maintain optimum image quality, which makes data easy to observe.
  • Prefer to use surveillance grade storage as they are subject to data continuously written and re-written on it. They also have long endurance and are robust enough to withstand weather changes.
  • Always buy brands you trust. Well-established brands create quality products, offer better customer service and have strong feedback network to ensure all-round sales and services.
  • Check out product reviews online. They are genuine resources to understand user experiences and better brands take product reviews seriously.

Consider this Before You Buy 

There are several factors which come into consideration when one has to decide the right CCTV camera. Key points are product price, brand, type, storage and resolution. When it comes to personal safety, please ensure that you consider all vital facts so that your safety is uncompromised and is available 24*7.