7 Reasons Why CCTV Security Is
Important for Your Business

With shoplifting cases only rising every year, sexual harassment at workplace becoming rampant proves why we need strong security in these spaces. Let us understand the reasons how CCTV Security Systems is a necessity for businesses today

Full Circle Coverage

A well-structured CCTV system placed strategically within your business premise can provide 100% fool proof coverage on real time basis that can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world. This translates to better monitoring and maintaining optimum professional environment.

CCTV Security Systems Can Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance companies provide discounted premiums (5% to 20%) to those who have integrated a CCTV security system monitoring the premises. The fact that an insurance company reduces the price of the premium proves why an effective comprehensive surveillance system is a must have for any business.

Monitor Hazardous Areas

When trading with dangerous chemicals or owning a factory, you inevitably have high-risk areas within your premise where human action is immensely restricted. Installing CCTV cameras around those premises can help prevent major risk of human accidents in those unsafe areas by timely intervention and constant monitoring.

Prevention of Serious Crimes

The presence of CCTV systems around your firm can prevent offenders to commit serious acts of crimes like vandalism, break-ins, theft, and others. This is due to the fear of getting caught on the camera and getting arrested for the crime.

Increase in Employee Productivity

Allocating surveillance cameras inside your retail business, or a factory has been proven to increase the efficiency of employees, and improve their productivity exponentially.

Cease Sexual Harassment

CCTV Systems serve as a firm deterrent against sexual harassment, provide employees a safer place to work and ensure culpable evidence in case of any occurrence of such activities.

Save on Security Costs

Surveillance systems reduce costs as compared to traditional security officers for securing premises. When compared to the manned guard pricing, CCTV Monitoring results in 95% cost reduction!

What are the Key Takeaways?

By installing CCTV security at your offices, retail outlets, or factories, you enjoy multiple benefits like; full-circle coverage, reduction in insurance costs, monitoring hazardous areas, preventing crimes and sexual harassment offenses, all this while cutting down on security costs.

These not only benefit you or your business, but also the people who work for your firm, and your customers.

Finally, CCTV Security System is essential for your business, and everyone involved in it. Ensure that you choose the right system according to your business needs.