5 Ways CCTV Storage Stands Out from Alternatives

CCTV cameras are being increasingly embraced in India to improve security and discourage criminal activities. From traffic signals to shopping malls, schools, and residential buildings, CCTV surveillance has become the norm in many cities across the country.

The CCTV surveillance market in the country is thriving due to the rise in consumer demand. As per a report titled India CCTV Camera Market Outlook, 2027-28, the Indian CCTV market is estimated to surpass the value of 27000 Crore INR within the next few years. However, if you are thinking of setting up video surveillance in your home or office, choosing a high-quality CCTV camera isn't enough, you need to pay attention while selecting the video surveillance storage disks too.

Not every hard disk drive is suitable for storing CCTV footage. If you are wondering why you need a surveillance-grade hard disk, this article is for you. Read on to know why these special storage drives stand out from all other alternatives.

5 Reasons Why CCTV Hard Disks Are Better Than Desktop Hard Disks

1. Designed for Heavy Usage

The importance of storage in CCTV surveillance shouldn't be underestimated. While you may think that any storage hard disk will be enough to store the captured footage, not all such drives may be capable of matching the performance requirements you are looking for.

Normal desktop hard disk drives are usually designed for low to moderate workloads as people generally don't use these continuously throughout the day. But that's not the case with video surveillance storage disks. These need to be active 24/7, constantly storing the recorded footage for your reference. Therefore, they are designed to sustain heavy workloads with a lower chance of failure.

2. More Reliable

As CCTV hard disks are optimized for recording video data captured by your surveillance cameras on a continuous basis, they are far more reliable than regular desktop hard drives. If you use a desktop drive to store CCTV footage, there is a high chance that the drive will fail within a short time when operating 24/7. As a result, you may end up losing the captured data. But this security risk can be avoided if you use a surveillance-grade storage drive.

3. Higher Storage Capacity

Video footage usually requires a lot of storage space, especially if your camera captures high-resolution videos. This, in addition to the fact that you need to store the recording for several days or weeks, means that you need a high-capacity drive. Of course, you can get desktop hard disks with large storage capacities too. But hard drives that are designed specifically for storing surveillance footage usually have a higher capacity than regular disk drives, which makes them the best choice for the task.

4. Better Durability

If you use a regular desktop drive for storing CCTV footage, there is a constant risk of the drive breaking down. However, surveillance-grade drives are designed to be long-lasting, which makes them the right choice for such high workloads. These can function without fail even in harsh temperatures or weather conditions, unlike regular hard disk drives.

Moreover, they are designed with low-power profiles. Therefore, not only do they consume less power, but also have a lower tendency of heating up, which makes them capable of running smoothly without breaking down for longer.

5. Cost-Effective

Since surveillance hard drives are better than normal computer hard drives, you might be thinking that they are going to be considerably more expensive too. However, that isn't the case. Of course, we don't mean that CCTV hard disks aren't expensive, however, considering the capacity and performance you are getting, the price is quite justified. Moreover, these are designed to last much longer than normal hard drives despite their heavy usage. So, going for a CCTV storage hard drive turns out to be cost-effective in the long run.


Summing Up

So, in case you were unsure whether you need a surveillance-grade hard disk for storing your CCTV footage or not, we hope that this article has been useful in solving your doubts. By choosing the right storage solution, you can be assured of uninterrupted recording around the clock. If you are unsure how much CCTV storage you need, you can always utilize online tools to get the correct estimate.