Marcel Laemmerhirt

My name is Marcel Lämmerhirt, since 2005 I've been shooting professionally, specializing in action sports, portrait, and lifestyle photography. I am Nikon and F-Stop Gear Ambassador and Member of the SanDisk Extreme Team.

My experiences I share in workshops or on stages.

After his time as a carpenter in Eisenach, Marcel Lämmerhirt wanted to do something different. The mountains and nature had always done it and so he and friends moved to Lech am Arlberg in Austria, where heworked as a seasonal worker and pursued his passion, snowboarding. Back then he photographed his friends on the snowboard and turned his hobby into a profession. Marcel rented an old farmhouse on the Arlberg and invited some top athletes from the scene tohis place. Many snowboard and ski teams from all over the world traveled to have their photos taken by him. Then everything goes very quickly: through the contacts he made and the following contacts in magazines, Marcel quickly became known and a sought-after photographer in the scene. He got his first major commissions in Europe New Zealand and Japan, and over time Red Bull became aware of his pictures. Since then, the range of sports that Marcel focuses on when taking photos has expanded rapidly and the outdoor and extreme sports scene can no longer be imagined without him.

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Most of my images are very important and there is no second try.

When I travel for some weeks, I use 2 Extreme Portable SSD as backup.

This product is small and very light and fits even in the smallest pockets.

Using products from SanDisk makes me feel safe and makes my photographer life way easier.

When I shoot events, I need to deliver my shots as fast as possible.

I put my pictures straight to the SSD and not on my computer.

When I have a card full of images with 64GB it just takes some minutes to have them all on my SSD

and I can start working on my selection, write metadata and captions

while other photographers still load their images and have a coffee.

Speed is all! On the other side is reliability.

I need a storage medium I can rely on.


Marcel Laemmerhirt

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Behind the Scenes With Marcel Laemmerhirt

My mainwork is generally divided in 3 categories:

  • event photography (for example events of Red Bull or the EHF Champions League)
  • catalogue and lifestyle photography
  • action sport photography / personal projects

The 3rd category – actionsports / personal projects – I really enjoy most when I can organize the shooting by myself and bring my own input and ideas into the picture. I love to shoot with motivated athletes. Catching the moment and show the spirit of the sport. I prefer to shoot in nature, both in the mountains and on beaches – all around the world.

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