Transportable RAID Powerhouse

G-RAID Shuttle 4, G-RAID Shuttle SSD, and G-RAID Shuttle 8 devices

Capacity You Can Carry

Manage massive amounts of media from multiple cameras on location, in the studio, and moving it in between with up to 160TB1 of RAID storage in one portable system.


When you’re on a tight deadline, rely on the ridiculously fast transfer speeds of the G-RAID Shuttle. The G-RAID Shuttle SSD gets transfer rates up to 2800MB/s2, which is perfect for multiple media ingests and serious editing sessions!

Hardware RAID

G-RAID Shuttle devices utilize a Hardware RAID controller. This means overall improved performance capability and reliability compared to a software managed system because it doesn’t require your computer’s processing power to manage the RAID.

Powerful Versatility

Every project is different, you need storage that can adapt. Dual ports let you daisy-chain up to 6 devices over Thunderbolt 3, or with dual protocol support you can connect USB-only systems. Demand storage that enables you, not slows you down.