Making it Work
at Home

Tech to make your home workspace more efficient

When working from home becomes an unexpected reality…

You want to get organized quickly; make sure you have the equipment you need and have a reliable, live connection to your organization. With a home office setup, space can be an issue – a pop-up workspace needs to be efficient, easily portable, and connected. Western Digital is here to help with a world of product solutions to get you organized, connected and going with your organization or business. The best home office setup begins with efficient, reliable tools.

Get Organized

When you’re faced with a migration from your normal workspace to a work at home scenario, you want to make sure you have a reliable, physical backup of your important files.

A direct wi-fi connection (like VPN) to your organization is optimal; but having a back-up copy of important files could save the day in the event of internet disconnection.

Choose a portable drive that slips easily into your purse or backpack

Choose a high-capacity drive that can handle large amounts of files

Choose a fast Thunderbolt 3 drive that can transfer files quickly between devices

Get Connected

Maintaining an ongoing internet connection from your home is key to staying connected. Once you have wi-fi in your home workspace you can utilize services like the internet, email, VPN and cloud services.

Paid cloud storage services are great until you go over their plan limit and have to pay more every month. Why not start a cloud of your own and avoid monthly fees?

My Cloud Home Duo is more than just a file server – store your photos and videos and stream them to your smart TV - or share them across the country with your friends. Install productivity apps to work collaboratively with others on your network.

Connect one of our Cloud or NAS devices to your home internet and complete the easy setup

If you have larger amounts of data to store and share online, consider a My Cloud Pro Series 4-bay NAS

Get Going

Now that you have your files organized and backed-up, and you’re connected to your colleagues, it’s time to get down to work.

Western Digital is here to support your digital life, so you can not only get work done – you can thrive – even at home.

Portable drives carry your work with you and transfer files fast between your laptop and PC

Unique thumb drives that help you manage free space on your smartphone or tablet

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