Home Backup with SSDs

With flash memory, you’ll back up your content faster, access it quicker, and do it all safely. SSDs from Western Digital come with the backup tools you need to keep it that way.

In a Worst-Case Scenario, Being Prepared is Best

If your content is important to you, it’s worth backing up. And while finding an SSD for home backup can be daunting, it’s a small investment now to avoid catastrophic data loss later.

Malware & ransomware

There’s a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. Invest in backup now to avoid extortion later. 

Third-party breaches

Cloud storage keeps your data somewhere else, on someone else’s server. Don’t put your entire backup in one basket.

Hardware failure

Your favorite device won’t last forever. Make sure your files aren’t collateral damage.

Human error

Nobody’s perfect. Plan ahead, just in case you accidentally delete content you can’t do without.

Plan Your SSD Backup

Don’t risk your favorite photos, footage, and files to data loss. Plan your backup, choose your SSD, and start securing your content.

The right SSD — and the right backup strategy with it — depends on how much content you want to save and what type of content you’re saving. For reference, 1TB1 of SSD storage can save one of the following types of content, up to2:

43,647 minutes of music3

138,178 photos4

150 movies5

1,935 mobile games6

900,000 minutes of podcasts7

Windows Backup with SSDs

When you buy one of our eligible SSDs, you’ll also get Acronis True Image for Western Digital — a complete cyber protection solution that will help you back up and secure your information.

You can use Acronis True Image on your Windows device to:

  • Back up documents, photos, and emails
  • Save content like music and movies
  • Archive your entire disk drive, including your operating system, applications, settings, and all of your data

Learn more about backing up your entire computer with Acronis True Image for Western Digital — or get help with installation.

SSDs for Windows Backup