Memory Cards for Smart Video Surveillance

WD Purple microSD cards and SanDisk memory cards deliver the performance you need for reliable smart video surveillance and recording. 

WD Purple, SanDisk High Endurance, and SanDisk Max Endurance

Confident recording

Capture crucial footage with memory cards that are temperature-, shock-, x-ray, and waterproof1 so you can rest easy.

Robust storage

Protect your home or business with WD Purple microSD cards that are designed for 24x7 continuous recording workloads.

Prime performance

Record in Full HD or 4K2 without compromising on performance or durability, with Class 10, U3, V30 and other ratings.3

Western Digital
SanDisk Professional
WD Black

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Supercharge your smart video surveillance devices with WD Purple and SanDisk microSD cards built for always-on recording.