Applicant Privacy Notice

In order to submit a profile for a position with Western Digital, you must read this Privacy Notice and, depending on the privacy laws where you reside, either acknowledge that you have received and understood it or consent to this Privacy Notice. If you do not either acknowledge that you have received and understood it or consent to this Privacy Notice, you will not be able to submit a profile for a position.

As part of the application process, Western Digital requests and processes the following personal information about you: your full name; your email address your home and mobile phone number; your home address; your previous employer information; your previous work history; your location; your IP address; your education and training history; the languages you speak; and qualifications and certifications. You may also submit and attach documents for Western Digital to consider. You are under no legal obligation to provide any information to Western Digital, and you agree that, to the extent you provide any information, you are doing so of your own free will and consent.

Western Digital may receive your personal information from other sources. For example, Western Digital may obtain your personal information from LinkedIn or other social media sites. Western Digital may also receive personal information from your references or referrals. Western Digital employees may provide their impression about your experience and interview.

All of the information that Western Digital may process concerning you, whether submitted by you or by others, shall be referred to as “your Information.”

Western Digital will use your Information for recruitment purposes only and will not provide this Information to any third party unconnected with Western Digital’s recruitment process. If Western Digital were to hire you for a position, Western Digital will retain the Information as part of your record of employment.

As part of the recruitment and hiring process, Western Digital may disclose and transfer your Information amongst its various affiliates, divisions, business units, and subsidiaries around the world when there is a business need to do so and for the purposes described above. When Western Digital transfers your Information among its various affiliates, divisions, business units, and subsidiaries around the world, it will do so in a manner consistent with its Global Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws. If Western Digital is transferring your Information outside of the European Economic Area, Western Digital will only do so pursuant to an intra company model clause agreement protecting your privacy rights. For more information concerning Western Digital’s Global Privacy Policy, please contact the Western Digital Privacy Team at or the Western Digital Data Protection Officer at

If Western Digital does not hire you for the position for which you applied, it may retain your Information in order to consider you for future open positions in the Company. If you do not wish for Western Digital to retain your Information and wish to exercise your right to erasure, please contact or Upon receiving such a request, Western Digital will erase your Information in accordance to all applicable laws. In addition, if you need to update or correct any Information, please contact or

Western Digital is committed to taking appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures toprotect your Information against unauthorized or accidental destruction, alteration or disclosure, accidental loss, unauthorized access, misuse, unlawful processing, and damage.