Marcelo Maragni

Marcelo Maragni’s mother wanted her son to become an architect, but he had other plans - he borrowed his father’s camera and taught himself photography. Curious and inventive, Marcelo has used the creative challenge of producing new and striking imagery as the motivation for his career in photography. He has specialized in action photography, but also enjoys shooting dance, fashion, travel, and nature. Marcello believes that technology supports creativity and expands the possibilities of what can be done with photography, but so as to make note of the new ideas that will keep his job evolving, he never forgets to take his pencil and paper with him either.

I’m using Extreme Pro memory cards on every camera I have.

It’s all about reliability.

With those cards I trust I won’t lose anything I shot.”


Marcelo Maragni

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I like to tell the whole history with a single picture.