George Karbus

George is a wild ocean photographer based on the west coast of Ireland. He focuses on wildmarine mammals, big waves, surf photography and beautifully lit coastal sceneries. He is trying to capture the beauty of our natural world in its purest aspects. All his underwater images are taken during free diving in natural light in order to show the closest possible testimony.His work has become well recognized around the world after he won several prestigious photography accolades. Some of George’s work was exhibited in Washington, Hong Kong,London and Japan. His photography has appeared in the pages of Nature’s Best, BBC Wildlifemagazine, BBC Focus, Nikon Pro, Outdoor Photography and many more. I try to capture the beauties of our fragile world and show everyone the real treasures of life. It may inspire people to live in harmony with nature.

I love SanDisk products for their reliability and ruggedness.

They have cards and hard drives which I can rely on in toughest conditions.


George Karbus

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Behind the Scenes with George Karbus

I always strive to capture some epic moment with extraordinary light and background. Last decade I see lots of photographers copy the other styles, composition and locations, most of these people are influence by social media. Lately, I try to point my work on the subjects where I feel very strong and where nobody can copy me

I have many favourites places around the world like Norway, Hawaii, Bahamas but back home at West Coast of Ireland is where I capturing my best shots.

Once I had to jump from the boat which broke down while we were shooting big waves. We were drifting into the big jacking wave and the only chance to safe yourself was to jump into the sea with a naked camera in my hand. The boat got smashed on the reef and we lost all the gear except the camera which I was holding in my hand entire swim back to shore. I eventually rescued all photos from the flooded camera it took a while to dry the card but after two weeks on the radiator, it started to work. SanDisk Rocks.