NAS for Small Business and Home Office

Reliable, robust data storage and collaboration for creative professionals and SMBs.

For Creative Professionals

Manage client access to your storage environment.

For Growing Businesses

Knit together a sprawling web of devices and productivity platforms.

For Remote Workforces

Provide fast, streamlined connections to your most important files.

Save, access, and share content with NAS for small business or home office.

Increased productivity

Coworkers and clients can work remotely while simultaneously accessing, sharing, and collaborating on the same files.

Easy scalability

With straightforward storage solutions that don’t require IT support, you can easily add or replace hard drives in minutes.

Reliable data protection

Multiple RAID and automated backup options help protect your valuable files from unexpected events such as hardware failure.

Choosing the Right SMB NAS System

Grow your business with NAS devices built for small teams, growing teams, and everyone in between.

My Cloud Pro

Serious professional storage

My Cloud Pro is your creative storage workhorse. Maintain production files, RAW photos, or final mixes in a single, centralized hub with the seamless remote access you need from pro-grade NAS.

Ready for RAID 

Pro-level performance comes with pro-level RAID configurations. Set up My Cloud Pro to mirror your data, boost performance, or balance out both — whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Adobe™ Creative Cloud™ connected

Use tools across the Adobe Creative Cloud to turn your ideas into masterpieces for your clients. Then, use My Cloud apps to save, access, and shares files between your My Cloud apps and Adobe.

Adapts to your team 

Get the benefits of networked storage for you and your team across Mac and PC, on mobile or desktop, and via your favorite apps, like Plex Media Server. Check out other apps compatible with My Cloud.

My Cloud Expert

Connect the whole team

Keep everyone in your business on the same page with powerful, scalable storage. Let them save, access, and share files wherever there’s a network connection with the My Cloud app or website.

Invest in data redundancy

More bays and more capacity mean more RAID options. Use the additional drives to mirror your data, boost performance, or balance out both — whatever your data redundancy policy requires.

Boost client collaboration

Manage user-by-user access to creative collateral and mission-critical projects. Invite clients to view your work with private links so they can give the feedback you need to build your portfolio.

In-house, in your hands

Help protect on-prem data with or without public cloud. Integrate My Cloud Expert with cloud services like Amazon S3, configure auto backup, and leverage 256-bit AES volume encryption. It’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on why you’re interested in NAS.

If you’re just looking for a simple, automatic backup solution, a single- or double-bay NAS like My Cloud Home or my Cloud Home Duo should deliver the kind of capacity you need.

However, if you’re planning to use NAS to back up and organize large volumes of content — for example, RAW photos, business document libraries, or final mixes — you want to consider something heavier duty, like the My Cloud Expert series.

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RAID Storage Solutions

1. 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment.
2. App or Cloud account registration may be required. Apps and Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country.