Data Center SSDs

Fast Data for Fast Decision-Making

Accelerate Access to Critical Data for Data-Intensive Workloads and Applications

As big data and fast data applications proliferate, they are breaking the boundaries of traditional infrastructures. The general-purpose technologies that have served us so well in the past are reaching their limits. What’s required is high-performance storage that keeps up with today’s business needs.

Enabling faster intelligence and access to critical data, our high-performance NVMe™ SSDs deliver predictable throughput for high-transaction workloads to meet the growing digital demands of your business applications. These ultra low-latency drives accelerate data center workloads so you can achieve maximum throughout and transform your data into actionable insights for your whole team.

In addition to NVMe, key technologies and innovations including ZNS (zoned namespaces) and NAND have enabled enhanced performance across our portfolio, benefitting a wide range of business applications. Learn more about each of these key innovations below.


Leveraging decades of expertise in NAND flash memory, our innovations in both vertical and lateral scaling allow greater capacity in a smaller die with fewer layers.

NVMe (Nonvolatile Memory Express)

Designed for high-performance, NVMe is a protocol that is well suited for highly demanding and compute intensive enterprise, cloud, and edge data ecosystems.

ZNS (Zoned Namespaces)

With a unified software framework, data can be intelligently placed on both SMR HDDs and ZNS SSDs to increase storage capacity, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve quality of service (QoS).

Surface mission-critical business intelligence when you need it, wherever you need it. Select the right SSDs for your data center by aligning them with specific application workloads and workflows. Review the chart below to discover which solutions work best for you. And if your requirements are not represented or more complex, talk to one of our experts to match your needs.

  WD Gold Enterprise SSD
(Mainstream NVMe)
Ultrastar DC SN640
(Mainstream NVMe)
Ultrastar DC SN840
(Performance NVMe)
Ultrastar DC ZN540
(Zoned Storage)
Compute Intensive, High-Performance Computing (HPC)      
All Flash Array Primary Storage      
Relational Databases    
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML)    
Converged/Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
noSQL Databases
Content Caching  
File/Object Storage  
Cloud Compute, Cloud Storage    

Featured Products

WD Gold Enterprise Class NVMe SSD

Improved system responsiveness and business productivity.

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Ultrastar DC SN640 Data Center SSD

Mainstream SSD for broad deployment in data center IT and cloud environments.

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Ultrastar DC SN840 Data Center SSD

Designed for primary storage in HPC servers and external storage arrays.

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Ultrastar DC ZN540 Data Center NVMe ZNS SSD

Enables application optimized storage in a complex multi-tenant environment.

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Top Considerations for Enterprise SSDs

Choosing the right SSD for your specific deployment can be difficult. Are you able to navigate the spectrum of enterprise-class drives that span the gamut of price, performance, form factor, endurance, and capacity? Learn about the top factors to consider when selecting an enterprise SSD.

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