Portable Hard Drives

Massive capacity and reliable storage on the go at an affordable cost per TB — all via bus power.

Why Use a Portable HDD?

Portable capacities up to 5TB1,*

Read speeds up to 140MB/s2,*

Rain and dust resistance up to IP543,*

Options for Thunderbolt™ and USB compatibility

*Applies to select models only.

Portable HDDs for Home Storage

High-capacity hard drives for family photo albums, school projects, and home office files — in the palm of your hand.

Plug and play

Find portable hard drives from WD ready out of the box for Mac, Windows®, or your Chromebook.

More than meets the eye

Plenty of storage in a bite-sized package, with capacities up to 6TB1 on select WD portable HDDs.

Simple backup

Ideal for family computers and home offices with backup software4 to make household media management easier.

Portable HDDs for Creative Pros

Powerful, reliable storage from SanDisk Professional for demanding creative productions, whether you’re moving between studios or out in the field.

Serious capacity

Storage space up to 6TB1 on select SanDisk Professional drives — plenty of space for critical content.

On-set durability

Move your workflow to the field with confidence, thanks to rain, dust, and crush resistance on select SanDisk Professional portable HDDs.

Pro performance

High hard drive capacity meets impressive speeds, with transfer rates up to 140MB/s.2

Portable HDDs for Gaming

Make even large gaming libraries mobile with portable hard drives from WD_BLACK for PlayStation®, PC, and Xbox™.

Game recognizes game

With up to 6TB1  on select drives, save up to 150 games5  without having to delete titles to make room for more.


Easily portable, dependably durable, and widely compatible design so you can plug in and play wherever you go.

Elite aesthetics

Game on the go in style with WD_BLACK styling for sleek portable HDDs that make a statement.

Learn More About Portable HDDs

A portable HDD is a compact version of an external HDD that doesn’t require an external power source like a wall outlet. It houses an HDD module within a small, lightweight enclosure.

Let’s talk about these components:

Enclosure: The HDD module is protected inside a compact enclosure designed to withstand travel, including certain levels of water, drop, and dust resistance.

HDD Module: The core of the portable HDD is the HDD module, which contains critical components like platters, read/write heads, actuators, and more for data storage

Data Transfer Ports: The portable HDD connects to your host device, like a computer or gaming console, via ports designed for USB or Thunderbolt™ protocols.

Power Delivery: Unlike larger external HDDs, portable hard drives typically draw power over their data connection, eliminating the need for a separate power source.