Internal Hard Drives

Magnetic disk-based storage for inside your computer or data center, delivering a cost-effective, reliable way to manage large data sets and content libraries.

Why Use an Internal HDD?

Internal HDD capacities up to 28TB1,2,*

Endurance up to 550TB/year3,*

Reliability up to 2.5M hours MTBF4,*

Options for NAS, data center, surveillance, and more

*Applies to select models only.

Internal HDDs for Gaming

Dominate your next gaming session with WD_BLACK internal HDDs that can boost capacity and give your rig a serious upgrade.

More space, more games

WD_BLACK internal hard drives have enough space to save huge gaming libraries, with capacities up to 10TB.1,5

Elite performance

Take your gaming storage to the next level with internal HDDs that deliver up to 256Mib of DRAM cache.5

Reliability for the win

StableTrac™ Technology can stabilize select drives’ motor shafts and platters to boost performance and durability. 

Internal HDDs for Everyday Use

Get the most out of your daily content — from documents and family photos to your favorite movies and more — with a WD Blue internal hard drive. 

Your PC, upgraded

Revamp older computers with a WD Blue internal HDD to boost capacity and everyday performance.

Efficient power

Streamline your computer setup with WD Blue internal HDDs to help keep power consumption to a minimum. 

Competitive compatibility

Compatible across hundreds of systems, making it easy to upgrade your PC and get routine tasks back on track. 

Internal HDDs for NAS

Turn your NAS (Network Attached Storage) system into an easily accessible, digital media powerhouse with the WD Red family of internal HDDs, offering up to 22TB1 of space.

Maximum power

Help your NAS system smoothly stream, share, and store your favorite content — wherever you have internet.

24/7 NAS solutions

Optimized for 24/7 workloads with solutions for families, home offices, and small and mid-sized teams’ IT hubs.

Scalable storage

Build a NAS array tailor-made for your needs with easily customizable, widely compatible drives up to 22TB1,6 each.