Zoned Storage Overview & Software Ecosystem in Linux®


August 25, 2020

7:00pm (Pacific, GMT-7)


Zoned Storage Overview & Software Ecosystem in Linux®

Learn the concept of Zoned Block Devices – both HDDs and SSDs – for the Linux software storage stack for hyperscalers, storage system vendors, and storage service providers. Will address:

  1. Device mapper drivers support for zoned block devices 
  2. Native file system support of zoned block devices in f2fs and btrfs 
  3. The new zonefs filesystem added to Linux kernel version 5.6. 
  4. User-space libraries such as libzbd for direct management of zoned block devices.

Your questions and answers from our subject matter experts.

Recommended participants: cloud architects, data center infrastructure stakeholders, DevOps, application stack developers, cloud service provider XaaS infrastructure decision makers, Linux® kernel professionals, and software-defined storage professionals.

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