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Power Heavy-Duty Workflows with RAID

Boost system performance, improve data redundancy, or balance both with RAID storage solutions.

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Automotive Storage: Then, Now, and Full Speed Ahead

The automotive industry is going through a revolutionary stage, and in the process generating a whole new world of applications around safety, connectivity, and entertainment. The evolution of storage has taken a front seat as cars require increasing amounts of storage to enable applications.

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Western Digital Turbocharges Versatility with New SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD

Inspired by the way people create and share data today, this new drive is the company’s most rugged offering to date with a high-level IP68 rating, allowing professionals to immerse themselves in the action wherever their work or vision takes them.

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SanDisk PRO-TEAM Ambassador: Gregg Jaden

A professional Photographer/Filmmaker based out of Manhattan Beach CA. Jaden works closely with organizations to protect wildlife, conservation of our oceans and spiritual transformation.

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