Nino Leitner

Filmmaker, DP and Film Producer

Nino is an award-winning filmmaker, DP and film producer based in Vienna. He focuses mainly on documentary and commercial work. He also runs and is one of the owners of, one of the most popular digital filmmaking tech reviews and news sites in the world.

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Manu Delago - Zeitgeber Music Video


"I really enjoy using G⁠-⁠Technology drives equipped with Thunderbolt™ 3, it makes a lot of difference if you’re sitting there after the shoot for only half an hour instead of two hours.”

Austrian-born Nino Leitner recently took an early look at the newly announced Sony FX9 and Canon C500 Mark II on his filmmaking tech reviews and news site, which he runs alongside his partner-in-crime Johnnie Behiri and a global team of dozens of editors and contributors. Today, the Austrian-born filmmaker and cinematographer shoots on many different cameras, including the ARRI Alexa, the Sony FS7, the Fujifilm X-T3 as well as Blackmagic Design’s Pocket Cinema and Ursa Mini Pro Cameras. “It’s the best time to be a filmmaker,” Leitner says, “there is no perfect camera for everything, but now there is a camera for every type of our job.” Being mainly a documentary filmmaker, Leitner often has to shoot under very difficult lighting conditions. With more and more cameras supporting 12-bit RAW acquisition, and new ProRes RAW and Blackmagic RAW recording options for many cameras, it will be easier to record RAW footage that allows for extensive post-processing. The problem, of course, is that 12-bit and more requires a dramatic increase in storage capacity and performance.

Such technical improvements are nothing new to Leitner. From his earliest documentary production in the early 2000’s to his recent work on commercials for BMW and multi-cam music videos for Manu Delago, Leitner has been elbow-deep in dealing with storage throughout the cinematographic process. He knows that wrong storage solution will cripple and potentially derail a project. This is why Leitner now leans heavily on storage solutions from G-Technology.


Capacity and Convenience

"Obviously, file sizes are growing exponentially," says Leitner. "You shoot 4.6K RAW on a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 camera or something like that and you end up with huge amounts of data that need to be saved. It’s sometimes more than 1TB of data for one hour of footage — insane! And I usually try to never delete anything on⁠-⁠set, because that’s just asking for errors to happen. I try to pull data off only from backup copies of the drives and cards. I keep the original drives untouched as long as possible."

The upside to this approach is maximum data security. If original copies are never touched, there’s almost no ris