Gregg Jaden

Travel Photographer and Filmmaker

Gregg Jaden

Gregg Jaden is a professional Photographer/Filmmaker based out of Manhattan Beach CA. Jaden has a strong passion for all forms of storytelling, directing and cinematography. He works closely with organizations to protect wildlife, conservation of our oceans and spiritual transformation. A combination of adventure, outdoor, travel and people, Jaden is known for world travel productions and extraordinary landscapes.

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“Meditation helps with overall creativity and clarity,” Gregg says. “You feel when to do the right thing at the right time, not overthinking.”

Patience and Passion

“Patience,” isn’t among one of the most famous shots captured by Gregg Jaden, but the story behind the shot illustrates how Gregg made the transition from an ad agency business owner to a world-travelling photographer and artist in under five years.

A spiritual person, Gregg meditates daily as a balance to thinking and planning. This helps Gregg stay in touch with the energy that thrives both within and around him and brings that energy into his photography, from inspiration through final production. 

“Meditation helps with overall creativity and clarity,” Gregg says. “You feel when to do the right thing at the right time, feeling your way through a situation. When we were shooting this massive aquarium in Monterey, and I had this vision [of having] only one or two subjects in front of this wall of water. But the place was mobbed [with] baby parks and people. Still, I had this feeling that we would get the [shot]. And as the place was closing, this last family was leaving, and I asked the parents to give the kids one last look at the fish and the composition took shape in front of me. Fast coaching kids I just met” recalls a laughing Jaden.

With this spiritual mantra, Gregg Jaden, has attained success in the creative industry where audiences are inundated with overflowing images and content. His work has that indescribable element that makes the viewer stop scrolling and say, “Whoa. That speaks to me.” His work has gained global recognition.

Success Through Self-Teaching

Five years ago, Gregg made his living at the helm of a Los Angeles ad agency. For one job, his firm hired a photographer who turned out to be so mediocre that Gregg felt sure he could do better himself. So, Gregg bought a camera and some lenses, then began the process of trial and error. Not long after, he shared his own shots on a job, and the client loved it. Inspired, Gregg dove deep into photography. He captured landscapes and hiking expeditions. He gained recognition and was able to  gain clients traveling on expeditions while becoming full-time. Gregg is completely self-taught. Everything Gregg has learned in photography and videos has been through trial a