Eve M. Cohen


Eve M. Cohen

Eve M. Cohen is an award-winning cinematographer known for her work on independent feature films, social justice documentaries and as a pioneer in the world of virtual reality. Her visual style is fueled by collaboration, empathy and intention.

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"Film productions are constantly pushing the limits of how technology can save on time and money. Intelligent storage decisions are crucial to saving money without sacrificing performance and convince."

Born to Store

Eve’s lifelong fascination with film began when she was 12 years old. Her middle school and high school had a black and white darkroom, and the process of developing negatives and images consumed her—it was all she wanted to do. She soon discovered that the act of capturing images enhanced her memory. Just the act of clicking the shutter was enough to crystallize that instant in her mind.

Most creative professionals suffer at least one data catastrophe on their road to success, a little life lesson to stand as a cautionary tale. Eve’s warning happened early on after finishing her masters thesis at UCLA and assembling a highlight reel. "Ididn’t lose the final reel, but I lost all the footage and all the elements that went into it,” she remembers. "I hadn’t turned the drive on in years, and it just...didn’t turn on. That was the one and only time I lost something, and I learned my lesson.” That was the last time she ever kept digital files in only one location. True to her word, Eve hasn’t lost a single 2le since, but she’ll be the 2rst to say that her "luck" comes from having a meticulous workflow and using the right storage tools from SanDisk Professional.

The Perfect Process

Ask most photographers and cinematographers where their workflow starts, and they’ll say it begins when the files are captured in the camera. Eve begins even earlier, in the pre-production stage, thinking about the project as a whole from capture to final distribution. Eve explains, "As the DP I need to know how the post-supervisor and editorial team want the footage to be delivered, what kind of system they are working on, and what the final delivery goal is for the film.” Clear communication between production and post-production is essential to a smooth workflow and must take place before you even begin filming.

"Storage is just as important as the things you’re putting into it."