Andrei Duman

Commercial Photographer

As an award winning photographer based in Los Angeles, Andrei has produced campaigns for clients such as Nike, McLaren Automotive and Richard Mille to name a few. His constant driving force is always to produce the highest quality, creative and unique work for his clients.

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"Given the high quality demands of my clients and the complex nature of my shoots, having fast and dependable hard drives are an essential part of my workflow. It does not matter how good your gear and production is if your data is not protected. G-Technology gear provides the peace of mind for you to focus on what’s most crucial - creating and achieving the vision of the client!"

Romanian born and raised, Andrei moved to the United Kingdom as a teenager where he completed his undergraduate and Masters in Finance and Investment from the University of York. His love of travel, adventure and thus photography started from his professional tennis playing days, where he would frequently compete in international tournaments. Even during his 12 years in the investment banking industry in New York City, he continued to explore and develop his style, with his camera never being too far away. His clients include Nike, McLaren Automotive, Richard Mille and National Geographic to name a few.

Detesting the concept of creatively standing still, Andrei is always on the lookout for his next challenge, be it a new technique, a new way of capturing a subject or using new technology to produce a different look and style. He finds it imperative for those at all levels of photography to always be looking to improve, to learn new skills and keep up with market trends as long as it does not compete with your core characteristics of who you are and what your vision is. He thrives when working under pressure and when the projects are complex in nature, with multiple moving parts. He is fanatical when it comes to the quality of his work, his dedication to achieving the client’s vision and ensuring that he provides a professional and mutually creative environment for all that work with him. He can often be found experimenting in his studio trying to create customized creative solutions that will be useful on future projects and shoots. He is obsessed with the concept of producing unique visions that capture the true essence of the subject in front of him.

G-Technology products have been part of Andrei’s workflow for many years. Shooting on a 150 mega pixel camera means extremely large files, so he needs fast, rugged and dependable drives to handle his precious footage. Andrei has G-Technology drives on all of his shoots. The fast, rugged and dependable drives of G-Technology are a critical component in his creative workflow, be it on set or on any remote location shoot.

With 83 countries under his belt, he is well versed in the planning of complex international schedules, as well as the multitude of cultures and customs that he has encountered over the years. He has been fortunate enough to have swam in Jellyfish Lake in Palau, hiked amongst the Moai statues on Easter Island, explored the local fish markets of Zanzibar, took a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, captured the aurora borealis in Greenland and went hunting with the remote San tribesmen of Namibia, all with his camera in tow.

"In its simplest form, G-Technology eliminates my anxiety in data management by having fast, rugged and dependable drives."

His passion for photography is not limited to just commercial and travel work. He has also accumulated over 150 hours of flight time in small planes and helicopters, across multiple countries and continents. With sometimes months of planning the locations and flight paths, it is in the air where he feels most comfortable, with the conditions and subjects constantly changing in form and texture. His extensive experience in this challenging environment allows him to be really creative with his subjects, angles and abstract perspectives.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Susan and their 2 cats - Foo and Smash.

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