You have tons of files stored on your computer and external storage drives.

You don’t know what they are or where to find them.

The EdgeRover™ app puts an end to your digital chaos and offers you one view of your content.


Download the software for macOS 10.13+ or Windows® 10+

A whole new personal digital content experience.

The EdgeRover™ app is a new and innovative personal content application brought to you by Western Digital, a leader in data storage solutions.

With the desktop app, you get the features shown here for free1. You can create an inventory of your digital files stored on your Macintosh or Windows® computer and supported external drives2, letting you seamlessly search, browse, and enjoy the content you’re looking for.


How it works.


Step 1

Install the EdgeRover app on your computer and let it catalog your digital content on your local hard drive.


Step 2

Connect your supported external drives and memory sticks2 to complete your content inventory.


Step 3

You can now search and browse your digital content, even when your drives are not connected.3


Find what you’re looking for.


Universal search.

With your digital files tagged and catalogued, you can search your content on your computer and your supported storage drives2.

Whenever you want.

Your digital inventory contains snapshots of your content. That means you can still search and preview images and documents, even when your drives2 aren’t connected3.



The EdgeRover app keeps your digital content under your control. Your files’ inventory for your internal and external storage devices is saved on your computer to help keep it away from others’ eyes.


One view to make sense of it all.


Single view.

One view of your content across your supported storage drives2. Files on your desktop, memories on your flash drives… now in one place.

Automatic collections.

Your files are intelligently sorted by objects, date, location, file types, categories, and more to present you with relevant groupings of your personal content.


Manage duplicates.

Over the years you have saved copies of your files across various storage drives. The EdgeRover app finds duplicates for you and lets you manage them. Choose to keep duplicates or make space on your drives.

And more.


Stay up-to-date.

Updates your digital inventory as you create and save new files to keep your catalog current.


Turbo mode.

Cataloging terabytes of data can take time. With Turbo Mode, you can set the EdgeRover app to speed up when your computer is not busy.

The EdgeRover app is compatible with USB external drives and flash drives from Western Digital, SanDisk, and many other manufacturers2.

Get started now and keep track of your files!


For macOS 10.13+ or Windows® 10+

1. Download and installation required. macOS 10.13+ or Windows® 10+ required. Terms and conditions apply. Subscription required for some features of the service. User account registration may be required. Not available in all countries. See here for more information on subscriptions, pricing, and availability in your country.
2. For compatibility information, see here. Compatibility with devices may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time.
3. External drives must be connected to your computer to access original files.

Product specifications subject to change without notice. Pictures shown may vary from actual products.

EdgeRover Terms of Service