Data and Telecommunications: Exceeding Customer Demands


Data Drives User Behaviors for Telecom Providers

The global telecommunications industry has faced a myriad of challenges, from over-the-top (OTT) competitors to an explosive demand for data with the evolution of the smartphone. Remaining relevant to customers with advanced service offerings while increasing revenue, has become much harder for providers who are also forced to continually upgrade their data center infrastructure in preparation for the next release in connectivity.

Providers now have to forecast customers’ behavioral patterns and understand their usage patterns, preferences, and interests to ensure the availability of tailored products and services. The need for this data places massive demands on compute and storage at the edge while also reimagining cloud-based services and data archival in the core.

12 Billion Looks/Day

US consumers look at their phones an average of 47 times a day (translating to about 12 billion looks per day in the aggregate in the US alone)1

68% Use AI/ML

68% of consumers are already using some form of artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) on their smartphones2

The telecom ecosystem expects IoT to become a critical engine for future growth. One of the most successful IoT applications thus far has been the connected car. The largest US carriers have made significant investments in the connected-car space over the last several years, and we are already seeing strong growth in mobile subscriptions for connected vehicles. Connected cars, in addition to other categories of IoT, will continue to be an important growth area for carriers in 2018. 

The potential for IoT extends far beyond connected cars. These opportunities include the connected consumer and the broader universe of connected things with applications such as connected home monitoring and control, entertainment, wearables, and more. In addition, the connected enterprise market features applications such as connected vehicle fleets, predictive maintenance, factory automation, workforce training and field support, and countless other examples.


Data Defines Longevity in a Disruptive Telecom Industry

The telecommunications industry is turning to new hardware, software, and infrastructure solutions in search of long-term efficiency gains and greater agility when managing massive and complex datasets. From edge to core, the ability to process data over a wide network and across varying devices — including smartphones, autonomous vehicles, and connected homes — defines a provider’s competitive advantage and longevity in a highly volatile and disruptive market.


Western Digital Offers a Broad Portfolio of Products from Devices to Systems and Platforms to Manage the Evolving Data Demands Facing the Telecommunications Industry 

Iot Data Repository

Video Distribution

Digital Services

Next-Generation Telecommunications Infrastructure

Connected Home

5g Networks

Video On-The-Go

Augmented Reality

Smartphone Photography


A look at midyear 2018 telecom trends finds telecom operators focused on a number of fronts. These include investing in business opportunities outside their traditional services and geographies, increasing network automation to reduce legacy manual processes, lowering costs to boost profit per bit, refocusing on open source approaches to legacy networking and questioning a complete jump to 5G wireless because the business case is unclear.


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