IntelliFlash NVMe All-Flash Arrays

Changing the Way Business Gets Done


NVMe All-Flash Arrays for Any Workload

All workloads, running in virtualized and non-virtualized environments, benefit from accelerating transactions and simplifying operations. High performance at low latency, flexibility at scale, and comprehensive data services and data management make IntelliFlash N-Series the choice for any storage workload in any data center. Every enterprise deserves NVMe™ performance that matches their unique capacity requirements and economics.

IntelliFlash N-series arrays combine the performance of NVMe™, software-defined flash management, and rich enterprise data services to deliver high-performance and scalable capacity shared storage that accelerate any business workload.


New N5100 Entry NVMe™ AFA

For customers needing NVMe™ performance that matches their unique capacity requirements and econimics.

N5800 Best in Class Performance1

Delivers up to 1.7M IOPS and latency down to 200 microseconds in a single 2U rack space based on random performance for midrange fully featured All-Flash Arrays

Workload Consolidation

Scaleble capacity expanson supports wide adoption for all worklaods providing up to 10PB2 effective capacity in 14U rack space


  • Fast got Faster - Best in Class performance up to 1.7M IOPS and latency down to 200 microseconds.
  • Dense got Denser - Minimize data center footprints storing up to 365TB3 in 2RU and 2.4PB raw flash capacity in 14 Rack Units (RU)
  • Rich got Richer - Seamless Hybrid cloud data mobility easily connects private storage with cloud storage.
  • Simple got Simpler - Improve operational efficiency and maximize your storage investments.
  • Highly Available - 6 nines availability with on line software upgrades and cloud data mobility.

Applications and Workload

  • Databases, On-line Transaction Procesing (OLTP)
  • Virtual Servers, Virtual Desktops
  • Fast Edge Analytics
  • Autonomous Vehicle
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Scientific Simulations

Give Your Most Demanding Applications a Power Boost

Power your data in real time and achieve breakthroughs that you once thought were impossible.  IntelliFlash N-series arrays deliver the speed, efficiency, and scale required to unearth insights and turn them into significant business results. 

Accelerate your AI-driven initiatives, provide deep analysis through machine learning, and operate at the forefront of digital transformation to make your organization thrive.


ONE Flash Software Platform, For Every Workload

At the heart of every N-series array is the  IntelliFlash Operating Environment (OE), a flash-optimized, software platform that delivers advanced data management, high performance, efficiency, and six 9’s data availability for a wide range of application workloads.

IntelliFlash OE enables business operation without disruption as demands change while keeping data storage, protection and management costs low.


IntelliCare Cloud Analytics

AI driven Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics with IntelliCare maximize uptime and efficiency of your IntelliFlash arrays saving you time and money on storage administration.

Simplify and transform your storage administration by leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI) driven analytics and easy to use cloud portal backed by our team of storage experts. IntelliCare enables you to quickly and easily monitor the health, performance, and usage of all your IntelliFlash arrays, predict future requirements and detect problems before they develop into component and system failures for business continuity.



ESG Validates Western Digital IntelliFlash N-Series NVMe Array


IntelliFlash N-Series NVMe All-Flash Arrays



Solving infrastructure challenges is rarely about a single technology solution, but rather a holistic approach to creating business value.

We have helped thousands of IntelliFlash customers unlock the power of their data while achieving substantial capital and operational cost savings with their storage infrastructure.

At Western Digital, we are committed to deliver exceptional value to your business. We bring to bear innovation and operational ingenuity that makes us the ideal and trusted partner in your data center and business transformation.



IntelliFlash N5800
Business Advantage

IntelliFlash N5200
Business Essential

IntelliFlash N5100
Business Value

Storage Capacity

NVMe RAW Capacity (TB)2

19 to 154

SAS Flash Expansion RAW Capacity (TB)

Up to 2210

Software Services

Block and File Protocols

SAN Protocols (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), NAS Protocols (NFS, SMB)

Key Capabilities

IntelliFlash Operating Environment:

Inline deduplication and compression, snapshots and clones, space efficient thin provisioning, remote replication, S3 Cloud Connector, Live Dataset Migration


IntelliFlash Web UI, Configuration Wizard, IntelliCare Cloud Based Analytics

Plug-ins for VMware vCenter, Linked Mode support, RBAC, VAAI NAS, SRA

Microsoft SCVMM/SMI-S, IP-KVM, SNMP,  PowerShell Toolkit

Additional Information


Best-in-Class Performance1

Hardware Availability

Redundant storage controllers, fans, power supplies, network ports

Removable NVMe SSDs, SAS expansion

Support Options

Standard and Premier

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Based on random performance for midrange fully featured All-Flash arrays


Values indicated are RAW capacity. One MB is equal to one million bytes, one GB is equal to one billion bytes and one TB equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) when referring to storage capacity. Accessible capacity will vary from the stated capacity due to formatting and partitioning of the hard drives, the operating system and other factors