IntelliFlash Hybrid Flash Arrays

Cost-Effective Flash Storage for Affordable Primary Storage


Simplify Your Approach to Managing Secondary Data

If you've been searching for the ideal solution for your secondary data storage, then look no further. IntelliFlash hybrid flash arrays combine the performance of flash memory and the economics of hard disk drives to deliver an efficient, hybrid storage solution. Ideal for applications that require cost-effective flash performance, IntelliFlash hybrid flash arrays offer exceptional value for storing and managing your secondary and backup data.


Radically Simple

Configure, deploy, and manage with ease

Enterprise Resilience

Multi-parity RAID protection schemes for maximum resilience

Ideal for Secondary Data

Flash performance with cost-effective economics of hard disks


  • Storage Visionary - Recognized as a “Visionary” in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant
  • Enhanced Performance - All-flash array with hybrid disk storage expansion
  • Rich Data Services - Instantaneous per-VM snapshots and clones, Live Dataset Migration, and S3 Cloud Connector
  • Variable Block Deduplication - Data reduction on flash and hard disk
  • Unified Storage - Concurrent SAN and NAS data storage for virtual machine clusters
  • Data Utility Services - “pay-as-you-grow” to meet your storage needs
  • All-inclusive Pricing - Perpetual licensing with all software features included

Applications and Workloads

  • Virtual Servers
  • Data Backup
  • Data Archives
  • Digital Imaging
  • Disaster Recovery

Deliver Cost-Efficient Data Storage

Organizations have many applications, some of which require cost-effective flash performance. With IntelliFlash hybrid flash arrays you no longer have to compromise between performance, capacity, and data management features to accelerate and protect your enterprise applications. Balance your performance and manage your budget by leveraging a cost-effective solution for your secondary applications, including digital imaging, data streaming, and data backup.

Put your Secondary Data to Work

Extract more value from your secondary data. Optimize its performance, resiliency, efficiency, and endurance by storing your secondary data on IntelliFlash hybrid flash arrays.  Architect a more affordable disaster recovery solution for your important data stored on primary, performance-oriented IntelliFlash arrays. Protect your data with flash-optimized snapshots, and zero-copy clones for faster recovery.



Solving infrastructure challenges is rarely about a single technology solution, but rather a holistic approach to creating business value.

We have helped thousands of IntelliFlash customers unlock the power of their data while achieving substantial capital and operational cost savings with their storage infrastructure.

At Western Digital, we are committed to deliver exceptional value to your business. We bring to bear innovation and operational ingenuity that makes us the ideal and trusted partner in your data center and business transformation.


IntelliFlash Hybrid Flash Array
Product Portfolio

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IntelliFlash T4X00

IntelliFlash T4X30

IntelliFlash T4X60


10% Flash

Flash:Hard disk ratio - 10%:90%

Advanced Storage Pooling

All-flash and hybrid flash storage pools for different performance service levels

Enterprise Resilience

Multi-parity RAID with data-at-rest encryption for absolute resiliency and protection




Flash as % of Total Usable Capacity

10% Flash


Dual-Active Controller Architecture


Dual multi-core CPUs per controller

Memory (GB)


Storage Capacity

Flash Memory (TB)1


Disk Storage (TB)


Effective All-Flash Capacity (TB)2


Effective Hybrid Capacity (TB)

80 - 1040


Form Factor (RU)


Software Services


SAN protocols (iSCSI, Fibre Channel)
NAS protocols (NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)

Data Services

Inline deduplication and compression, space efficient thin provisioning, snapshots and clones, remote replication, application-aware provisioning


Web browser, plug-ins for VMware vCenter® and Microsoft® System Center VM Manager, SSH, IP-KVM, SNMP

Security Features

Inline 256-bit AEM encryption for data at rest


No single point of failure, Active/Active high-availability architecture, dual-ported storage media

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Raw capacity


Based on 5:1 data reduction ratio and data protection methodology

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