Predictive Analytics in the Cloud


Comprehensive Customer Care Driven by Cloud Analytics and Backed by Storage Experts

Storage administration can be a time-consuming, manual process. Instead of focusing on projects that add value to the business, you can often get sidetracked by unforeseen storage problems, spending too much time poring over disparate data in an attempt to pinpoint and resolve issues.

IntelliCare is designed to maximize the uptime and efficiency of your IntelliFlash arrays and save you time on storage administration. IntelliCare enables you to quickly and easily monitor the health, performance, and usage of all your IntelliFlash arrays, predict future requirements, and detect problems before they develop into component and system failures.


Maximize the Uptime and Efficiency of your IntelliFlash Arrays

Lower Operating Expenses

Save time and reduce operating expenses by simplifying storage management

Proactively Manage Storage

Anticipate future problems and keep your IntelliFlash arrays operating in top condition

Maximize Uptime

Resolve issues before they cause component or system failures


  • Usage Trends - Track storage volumes, data growth, and system usage trends
  • System Alerts - Set and get alerted on various system configuration, health, and usage parameters by severity levels
  • Predictive Maintenance - Built-in machine learning algorithms identify issues and proactively provide recommendations to avoid outages
  • Performance Metrics - Get fine grained performance metrics (e.g., IOPS, latency, cache hit ratios) for storage volumes and data sets
  • Data Reduction Rates - Measure and track compression and deduplication savings for data sets and storage pools

Monitor All of Your IntelliFlash Arrays From a Single Web Portal

IntelliCare collects millions of different data points from IntelliFlash storage arrays around the world, including capacity usage, configurations, and system health and performance.

Cloud servers then process and analyze the data to detect issues and identify patterns that can help predict trends. With IntelliCare, there’s no need to install any agents or stand up your own infrastructure.

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