Gain Insights, Extract Value, and Improve Business Outcomes

Companies today strive to treat data as a business asset that enables valuable insights and improves their competitive position. But unlocking value requires overcoming the challenges of managing, scaling, protecting, and analyzing massive amounts of unstructured file and object data. ActiveScale addresses these challenges with an integrated system that’s built on an exabyte-scale architecture and designed to get you up and running quickly. This architectural design provides the foundation to help you store data forever and extract more value from it.


~80% Lower TCO

Lower acquisition, power/TB and operating costs than comparable NAS systems

Up to 99.99999999999999999%

19 nines of data durability using patented protection technologies

Best-in-Class Performance1

Up to 75GB/sec projected in a scale-out configuration


  • Simplest to Deploy - Pre-configured system speeds implementation
  • Highest Data Durability - Patented technologies provide up to 19 nines
  • Best-in-Class Performance - Delivers up to 75GB/sec projected throughput in scale-out configuration2
  • Cloud Scale - Scales up to 8PB1 (raw) and scales out to over 74PB1 (raw)
  • Easy to Use - Enables entire namespace to be managed from a single pane of glass
  • Best Economics - Offers lowest cost/capacity of any object storage system


Data Protection:
Large-scale backups, long-term data archives and 3-geo configurations for cost-effective disaster recovery

Unified Data Repositories:
Flexibility to store any and all unstructured data – billions of files and objects – in a single consolidated system

Analytics and Machine Learning:
Massive capacity, dynamic scalability and high performance to support and complement data lakes and big data analytics

Hybrid Cloud:
S3 cloud storage compatibility – on a system that combines cloud scalability and flexibility with on-premises performance and control

Media and Entertainment:
Active repository and archive to enable the creation, editing, transmission and preservation of large volumes of digital data

Centralized Data Hub

Organizations are looking to transform data into a strategic asset that provides a competitive advantage. ActiveScale offers a data-centric approach – whereby data becomes the hub of a broader ecosystem that helps enterprises extract more value from it.

ActiveScale can store data from different apps, devices, and formats on one platform so you can eliminate data silos. While data gets transformed for different workloads, you can easily maintain a golden copy as a single source of truth – for more accurate data and better business decisions. ActiveScale can also communicate object-related events to connected apps – enabling automated workflows that can accelerate analytics and insights to capitalize on new market opportunities.

Keep your data on ActiveScale or distribute it to the cloud for value-add activities like data processing. Either way, you get the most out of your data with ActiveScale as your data hub.


ActiveScale Helps ICM Support Advanced Technology and Research


ActiveScale and The Genome Analytics Platform Project


ActiveScale Series
Product Portfolio

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ActiveScale P100

ActiveScale X100

ActiveScale CM


Lowest Cost of Entry

Scales up to 3PB1 and scales out to over 27PB1 (raw) to keep up with rapid data growth

Modular Design

Rapidly deploys into your existing rack space

Extreme Data Durability

Patented BitDynamicsTM delivers high data integrity with data verification and self-healing


ActiveScale P100


Base capacity (raw/usable)

1,008TB / 676-716TB

Full capacity standard instance (raw/usable)

3.02PB / 2.03-2.15PB

Maximum namespace (raw/usable)

27.22PB / 14.64-16.12PB


Data Protection and Consistency

Best-in-Class Data Durability (up to 19 nines).
Technologies include erasure coding, BitSpread, BitDynamics, 3-geo configuration (geo-spread)


Client throughput performance of 8+GB/sec and up to 25GB/sec in a scale-out configuration2


Cloud-based storage analytics with ActiveScale Cloud Management software


Restful S3 (object support), NFSv3 (native file support)

Key Capabilities

Unified Data Access, Data Pipeline Service, Asynchronous Geo-Spread, ActiveScale View, File Performance Balancing

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Capacity based on 14TB HDDS. One megabyte (MB) is equal to one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) is equal to one billion bytes, one terabyte (TB) equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) and one petabyte (PB) equals 1,000TB when referring to storage capacity. Usable capacity will vary from the raw capacity due to object storage methodologies and other factors.


Performance may vary based on network conditions, system configuration, workload, and other factors.

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