Connected Home USB

Removable Edge Solutions for the Connected Home


Enhancing TV Viewing Experience

Pay-TV providers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve their customers’ TV user experience. Consumer electronic devices often include a USB port.  This is also true for set-top boxes (STBs), where even the rudimentary “zapper boxes” include a USB port. These STBs, when combined with local storage,  can turn into advanced STBs with improved functionality.

Western Digital offers a portfolio of USB drives to power new user experiences such as digital video recording and video-on-demand. To power these scenarios, the NAND memory should be able to endure hundreds, and sometime thousands of program-erase cycles. Western Digital’s Connected Home USB drives are built and tested to cost effectively meet a wide variety of program-erase cycles.


High Endurance Removable Solutions  
for the Connected Home

OEM Offering

A portfolio of high performance, high endurance USBs for deployment of revenue-generating services, such as Pause Live TV, Lite DVR, and local VOD library


The removable nature of USB drives means new services can be introduced without the need of a truck-roll. Consumers can just plug the USB drive to the box and new services become available


Host lock feature protects service provider assets and content rights from being misused


  • USB removable drive form factor
  • High Endurance that meets intense video recording scenarios
  • Health Status monitor ensures service continuation
  • Host Lock for added security and theft prevention
  • High Temperature profile that fits STB environment

Applications and Workloads

  • Capacities: 16GB (for Video Buffer), 32- 128GB (for DVR Lite)
  • Entry-Level DVR (DVR Lite)
  • Pause Live TV
  • Push VOD
  • Local Ad Insertion

A Day with Flash: Connected Home in a Connected World


Connected Life


The Connected Home: Smarter, Automated, Personalized, Uninterrupted

Expanding connectivity, combined with the growing adoption of compute in home devices, are the key forces driving the global smart home market explosion. Home gateway, set-top boxes, voice-or-AI-assisted devices, IoT devices and the like are becoming more powerful and intelligent in analyzing, manipulating, managing, and helping protect data. New and advanced applications such as video streaming, TV broadcasting, multicast video delivering unicast streams to individual subscribers, are in turn driving storage to be better, smarter, and bigger.



XB513 High Endurance USB

XB313 Medium Endurance USB





Operating Temperature

0°C to 55°C

Sequential Write/Read (MB/s)2

Up to 40/56

Terabytes Written (Endurance)3

Up to 160 TBW


Host Lock


Secure Firmware Update


Health Status Monitor


Ordering Information



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1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes; the actual user capacity may vary depending upon the configuration.


 Up to the stated speed. Values derived from internal testing; performance may vary depending upon drive capacity, host device, OS and application. Based on Smart SLC technology.


Approximation based on internal metrics that quantify how much data can be written to the device during its lifespan, expressed in Terabytes Written (TBW) based on 64GB capacity.

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