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With future-ready, design flexibility and a scalable NVMe™ architecture on 64-layer 3D NAND, the product is breaking through performance limits for commercial and industrial applications. With a broad temperature range and high endurance, the CL family of NVMe SSDs is available in a compact storage device with capacity points from 128GB to 2TB*.

The CL SN720 and CL SN520 are built on PCIe Gen3x4 and Gen3x2 storage solution, respectively. Designed for applications that require high performance, a wide temperature range, increased reliability at a low power consumption with the options for the small M.2 2280 and M.2 2242 form factors.


Commercial Focused

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Wide Temperature

Operating Temperature of 0°C – 85°C

Extended Longevity

3 years longevity of supply continuity

Extreme Performance

PCIe Gen3 x4 storage solution2 


  • 0oC to +85oC operating temperature
  • Up to 1,600 TBW
  • 3 years extended longevity
  • LDPC, XOR protection and a full E2E data path protection for high reliability
  • 20G operating vibration for ruggedness
  • Sequential Read speeds up to 3,470MB/s and Write speeds up to 3,000MB/s
  • 128GB to 2TB capacities in M.2 2280 and M.2 2242 single-sided form factor
  • Self-Encrypted Drive hardware encryption with TCG Opal 2.01 support (In CL SN720 only)

Applications and Workload

  • In-flight Entertainment systems
  • Data logging and recorder
  • Video surveillance
  • Factory 2.0
  • Machinery automation
  • IoT edge gateway
  • Network equipment
  • Embedded PC

Wide Operating Temperature of 0°C – 85°C

Applications like in-flight entertainment systems, factory 2.0 / machinery automation, edge gateways tend to operate within a higher operating temperature range, but companies are often required to invest both resources and power to maintain system cool. A wide operating temperature to 85°C means that Western Digital Commercial NVMe SSDs can reduce the need for cooling investment and enable applications to run longer with minimal heat sink and airflow requirements.

Reliability and Ruggedness

Commercial applications require high error resistance to maintain a stable operational environment. The Western Digital Commercial NVMe SSD provides low 10-17 UBER. For applications like factory automation, and industrial equipment where more ruggedness is required, the Western Digital Commercial NVMe SSD complies with industry standard JESD22-B103B and supports operating during vibration of up to 20G (20–2,000Hz, linear sweep).

Extended Longevity

Customers building for commercial applications value supply continuity and long availability cycles. Based on a fully integrated solution which includes an in-house controller, 64-layer 3D NAND, firmware and validation, the Western Digital Commercial SSD offers an extended longevity, for an efficient supply and a long-term availability.

Extreme Performance

Based on PCIe Gen3 x4, Western Digital CL SN720NVMe SSD delivers extreme performance with sequential read and write speeds of up to 3,470MB/s and 3,000MB/s respectively, as well as random read and write speeds of up to 500K to 560K IOPS.

Multiple M.2 Design Options

The CL SN520 comes in two form factors. M.2 2242 and M.2 2280. Their Gen3 x2 NVMe solution means greater flexibility and ultra lower power, particularly for lane limited chipsets and for designing with a wide variety of motherboard and chipset configurations, where footprint is limited.


Commercial NVMeTM SSD

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Extreme Performance

Up to 3,470 MB/s for Sequential Read

Wide Temperature

Operating Temperature of 0°C – 85°C

Great Endurance

Up to 1600 TBW


CL SN720 256GB

CL SN720 512GB

CL SN720 1TB

CL SN720 2TB



Form Factor

M.2 2280 S3-M


PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe v1.3

Performance 2

Sequential Read up to (MB/s)


Sequential Write up to (MB/s)


Random Read up to (IOPS)


Random Write up to (IOPS)


Endurance (TBW)3



MTTF up to 4

9M hours


Operating Temperature5

0°C to 85°C

Operating and Non-Operating Vibration

20G, 20–2000 Hz, linear sweep

Operating and Non-Operating Shock

1,500G @0.5 ms half sine, 3 pulses per face

Ordering Information

Part Numbers/SKU


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As used for storage capacity, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.


Up to the stated speed. Values derived from internal testing; performance may vary depending upon drive capacity, host device, OS and application.


TBW (terabytes written) values calculated using JEDEC client workload (JESD219) and vary by product capacity.


MTTF = Mean Time To Failure based on internal testing and by using Telcordia stress part testing (Telecordia SR-332, GB, 40°C, 12 hours/day). MTTF is based on a sample population and is estimated by statistical measurements and acceleration algorithms. MTTF does not predict an individual drive’s reliability and does not constitute a warranty.


Operational temperature as reported by device (composite temperature).

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