Connected Home USB
from Western Digital



Enhancing TV Viewing Experience

Pay-TV providers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve their customers’ TV user experience. Consumer electronic devices often include a USB port. This is also true for set-top boxes (STBs), where even the rudimentary “zapper boxes” include a USB port. These STBs, when combined with local storage, can turn into advanced STBs with improved functionality.

Western Digital offers a portfolio of USB drives to power new user experiences such as digital video recording and video-on-demand. To power these scenarios, the NAND memory should be able to endure hundreds, and sometime thousands of program-erase cycles. Western Digital’s Connected Home USB drives are built and tested to cost effectively meet a wide variety of program-erase cycles.


  • USB removable drive form factor
  • High Endurance that meets intense video recording scenarios
  • Health Status monitor ensures service continuation
  • Host Lock for added security and theft prevention
  • High Temperature profile that fits STB environment


Applications and Workloads

  • Capacities: 16GB (for Video Buffer), 32- 128GB (for DVR Lite)
  • Entry-Level DVR (DVR Lite)
  • Pause Live TV
  • Push VOD
  • Local Ad Insertion