Connected Home Edge + SD & microSD Cards
from Western Digital



Enabling Innovation in the Connected Home

Through the advancement of technology and services, the Connected Home and Smart Home are now a reality. Rich content, VOD, cloud DVR, home security, home automation and IoT are essentially data-driven applications and services. NAND Flash plays a key role in the real time distribution, consumption, analytics, management, and security of the data which drives these services.

The SD™ and microSD™ flash memory storage solutions for the connected home are designed to address application-specific use cases (such as pause live TV, home security cameras, data caching, and logging). Western Digital’s home solutions have been designed to assist our customers (end users, OEMs, and service providers) to deliver a superior user experience.


  • Extreme durability supporting the most rugged time shift buffer (TSB) requirements
  • Enables entry-level lite DVR and VoD library
  • Enables simple and low-cost ad-insertion at the edge
  • Enables fast service deployment with existing infrastructure and set-top boxes
  • Offloads network traffic during peak times
  • Reduces network latencies


Applications and Workloads

  • Available in SD and microSD card form factors
  • Capacities: 4GB to 128GB
  • Home Entertainment: pause live TV, trick play, DVR, VOD library, content prepositioning, and local ad insertion
  • Home Networking: home gateway, set-top box
  • Home Security and Automation: security cameras, IoT gateway, smart home devices, and appliances