Akash Das

Akashendu Das is a path-breaking figure in Indian Advertising Industry and Wildlife World. Popularly known as Akash Das he has won many prestigious awards and has been a pioneer in the art of visual communication and wildlife photography.

Awarded one of the ’10 most influential people in the photography industry’ adjudged by Ernst & Young for Asian Photography in February 2013.

He is the only photographer whose black and white exhibition called ‘In Search of Asian Nudes’ got engraved in Limca Book of World Records as the first of its kind in the World.

His style of wildlife photography has changed the way one looks at wildlife. He calls it Art Wildlife. Inevitably the photographs have attracted much international attention and acclaim. Being a sensitive socially conscious person, he works closely with WWF on wildlife conservation issues. He has been long involved in the promotion of tiger conservation.

In a conservative country like India, his campaigns on the social awareness of AIDS, homosexuality, and adoption were challenging and remarkable; more so as they were promoted in the mid-eighties and the early nineties. That was a time when there was a terrible stigma attached to these concerns.

He has many years of work experience with top advertising agencies all over India. As a commercial photographer, his approach has been a breakthrough and the demand for his work is exceptional. His work as a fashion photographer, has highly contributed to the complete change in the quality and perception of fashion photography in India today.

He is one of the most prolific and commercially successful photographers in India today with a vast and varied portfolio.

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Akash Das

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Behind the Scenes With Akash Das

My best experience, was when I was in an Indian forest, thickly wooded with Sal trees. The most elusive tiger came out of the forest and started walking in front of me on a long stretch of snake path. As luck would have it, a streak of light filtering through the forest fell on the tiger, as if God sent a torchlight to the path of the tiger and reminded us, humanity, that if you do not protect the tiger, then I will. It was a sublime moment for me, and I am so glad that I could capture this Story and not just another tiger photographs. To be honest, I don’t remember any worst moment.