Test Your Applications
with ActiveScale

The ActiveScale Test Kit is to perform functional testing of your application with our ActiveScale Object Storage System. There is no charge for the Kit as it is for non-production use only. The Kit includes installation instructions and ActiveScale system software.

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System Requirements

  • Oracle VirtualBox 5.1 or VMWare ESXi 6.0 hypervisors
  • 500GB of storage max (Min of 15GB thin-provisioned)
  • Access to DHCP services for external IP allocation (can use hypervisor-supplied addressing)
  • Access to an isolated host-only network to support traffic between the two nodes in the cluster

Test Kit Contents

  • VM Image for ActiveScale Systems node
  • VM Image for ActiveScale Storage node
  • ActiveScale OS Administrator’s Guide
  • ActiveScale OS S3 API Guide
  • Installation and Self-Certification Guide
  • File Size: 5.7GB

Support Contact

For questions, please contact us at alliances@wdc.com