Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway is an Australian photographer known internationally for his landscape photography and creative use of post-production. A practising professional, he has also been involved in photographic magazine publishing for over 30 years, establishing Australia's Better Photography Magazine in 1995. As a result, Peter and his websites are a wealth of information on how to capture, edit and print, offering tutorials, videos and inspiration for amateur and professional photographers.

Peter was one of the featured photographers in the Tales By Light television series aired on the National Geographic Channel in Australia and produced in partnership with Canon Australia. It can currently be viewed on Netflix. He works closely with Phase One cameras and has recently provided tutorials for Adobe Lightroom.

Peter says he’s still in his fifties, rides a short surfboard, believes two skis are better than one, and in case you're buying him lunch, he is vegetarian.

Whether capturing stills or video, what’s most important for me is reliability. I need to know I am going to return with the photos safely stored and that’s why I rely on SanDisk Extreme memory cards.


Peter Eastway

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I shoot with Phase One medium format, Canon DSLRs and Fujifilm mirrorless systems. I have around 40 lenses ranging from ultra wide-angles to super telephotos.

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