Simon Walker

Adobe Certified Master Trainer

Simon Walker is an Adobe Certified Master Trainer, and trains industry professionals, film-makers and broadcast editors in editing, post-production, motion graphics, colour grading, audio sweetening, video compression and transcoding techniques.


"My favourite drive is the G-DRIVE® ev SSD, as it’s great for playing back high-resolution video files, and helps to speed up output from Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder."

For over 20 years, Simon Walker has been designing, filming, and editing everything from advertisements to short films, and his reputation as a post-production master spans the globe. He now serves as an Adobe Certified Master Trainer and travels the world training film editors and broadcast industry professionals in multiple disciplines, giving workflow advice and tips for making the production experience faster and easier for editors. Additionally, he is an instructor for the International Colorist Academy (ICA), an Apple Certified trainer for FCP X, and an Apple Certified Final Cut Studio Master Trainer.

While teaching editing and production is a specialized niche in its own right, Walker excels further in his instruction on how to improve workflow efficiency. This particularly pays off for clients with an exceptional need for speed, such as the editing crew for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and Sky Sports.

His CV stretches on like a feature film. Walker has worked as a professor for, Ravensbourne, and Cyfle in Wales, plus he’s authored two online training sequences for He regularly runs presentations and training sessions across the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Not least of all, he contributes frequently to MacWorld Magazine and is the technical author for Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 Production Premium Classroom in a Book.

Despite his voluminous workload and packed schedule, the ever-humorous Walker still finds time to enjoy his travel destinations and dominates social media with photos of his adventures…most of which feature his finger over the lens.


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