Christian Nørgaard

The first time he held a camera was as a child, and ever since it has been a part of Christian Nørgaard. Not a day goes by without a click of the shutter.

Born in Denmark, Christian Nørgaard graduated from Copenhagen Photo School and successfully finished an apprenticeship at Danish newspaper Berlingske. Afterwards, he opened his own studio in Copenhagen and started traveling around the world with his camera. His passion for photography is based on a heartfelt curiosity and desire to challenge landscapes and people with his lens.

Nørgaard´s work has been featured in magazines like National Geographic Nordic while he has also created campaigns for several global advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson.

Christian Nørgaard has received wide acclaim and is recognized universally as a unique image maker. Nørgaard is best known for his evocative portraits from all around the globe. In the finest documentary tradition, he captures the essence of human struggle and joy.

Photographer Christian Nørgaard is the founder of Better Moments. The leading photo workshop platform organizes high-end workshops for passionate photo enthusiasts worldwide.

Christian Nørgaard is also curator for a carefully selected group of award-winning photographers, artists and magazines, such as Steve McCurry, David Lynch, Marco Grob, Dennis Hopper, and National Geographic.

I never leave for a day of shooting without my SanDisk Extreme Pro cards

I have a whole selection ranging from 64GB to 250GB as I can always count on them.

In addition, I take my WD SSD Extreme PRO external SSD 1TB with me

- only then I am properly equipped for my creative endeavors.”



Christian Nørgaard

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I have two cameras. Zeiss Otus: 28mm, 55mm, 85mm, and 100mm. For this a zoom 24-70mm.
I have a Profoto B1X To-Go Kit for trips where I have to take many portraits on locations – e.g. tribal people.

I always work with SanDisk's latest products – their products are without a doubt the most important element of my work as they ultimately save my work. I would rather compromise on taking e.g. an extra camera, than a SanDisk Extreme card. In this connection, I have cards from 64 GB up to 250 GB - I use card size depending on the scope of the task – e.g. if I film a lot and shoot at the same time, well, then of course I use a 250 GB or larger one.