Accelerating applications for data at scale

Higher Performance

Up to 4X the workload capability compared to conventional NVM SSDs​

Higher QoS

Lower complexity of operations results in up to 65% lower tail latencies, translating into higher quality of service (QoS)

Higher Efficiency

Eliminates device garbage collection to return storage resources to the user

The rate of human- and machine-generated data is outpacing industry bit supply. Data centers need to maximize storage efficiency and utilization to keep up. Zoned storage is the answer.

Zoned storage SSDs allow applications to sequentially write data into distinct zones which can lead to improved data placement and data management. Zoned Namespace (ZNS) NVMe™ 1.0 SSDs eliminate device garbage collection which leads to higher performance and higher QoS.​

ZNS SSDs improve overall data center system efficiencies and utilization, enabling multi-tenancy and helping data centers meet the challenges of explosive data growth.

Visual showing ZNS MySQL Advantages

Ultrastar DC ZN540

Enterprise Grade MySQL™ with native ZNS compatibility

Western Digital and Percona have fully integrated device, protocol, and software to achieve a full stack MySQL solution based on ZNS and MyRocks.​

Using the Ultrastar DC ZN540 and Percona Server for MySQL, OLTP workloads can realize a new level of performance with best-in-class latencies, maxed-out device throughput under real-world conditions (not synthetic IO-based benchmarks), and 7–25% more usable space per device. These benefits are free of software license costs or vendor lock-in due to open-source software and the NVMe ZNS standard.​

Application Acceleration

If you use RocksDB, we can make it better

ZNS + RocksDB = Maximum Performance

Many of the next-generation “NewSQL” databases leverage the power of RocksDB as their storage engine. Western Digital has created ZenFS, a file system plugin that allows for RocksDB-based applications to directly integrate with ZNS devices. This plugin eliminates background garbage collection on the SSD and file system to leverage the full performance of the underlying flash media.

Use Western Digital’s open-source contributions, with little to no modifications, to supercharge your RocksDB-based workloads on the ZN540.​


Create the next BIG thing in data

With ZNS, developers can ensure applications will achieve the best performance possible on flash media. Fully integrated applications will benefit from sub-millisecond latencies as the norm, consistent read performance even under heavy write load, and no performance degradation over time as the drive is used.

Western Digital is committed to enabling and building a thriving ecosystem for ZNS.
Join us in our pursuit of the next generation of the data center.​


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