Lars Schwellnus

I was born in Krefeld (Germany) in 1975. My uncle introduced me to still cameras and video cameras (VHS) at the age of 7.

I started as a trainee camera assistant in 1997, and learned how to film, direct and edit as my passion developed for sharing my own experiences with mass audiences.Since 2001 I am a videographer, photographer and Director of Photography for my own freelance company

I mostly shoot documentaries and reports for public German Television stations including ZDF, WDR, SWR and 3sat as well as corporate and image videos for clients like Smart, Mercedes Benz, Electronic Arts (EA), Havanna Club.

Beside shooting my devotion has always been photography.

I only secure my data with the SanDisk Extreme 900 (1.92TB) SSD (because of its incredible speed)

and the My Passport Wireless SSD only for copying Drone Footage

at the different workplaces (SD direct connection/very rough).


Lars Schwellnus

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Behind the Scenes with Lars Schwellnus

I am a documentary photographer. I have the ability to accompany the situation without being noticed and capture the right moment.

Best and worst combined in one experience: as I was cruising the Amazon at Mato Grosso, Brazil and our boat with all the camera gear sank and I thought that everything would be damaged or lost. My beloved camera was swimming amongst piranhas and all the bags were soaked. I managed to dry everything with the help from the Indian tribe we were shooting with. Afterwards I checked the SanDisk Cards (SD Card and CF Cards) and the equipment, everything was working in perfect condition.