Bambi Cantrell

Bambi Cantrell is one of the world’s most decorated and sought after professional photographers of our time. Bambi one of the elite Nikon Ambassadors, and was a recipient of the prestigious Triple Master of Photography awarded by Wedding Portrait Photographers International in 2016. In 2015, Ms. Cantrell was awarded the highly desired, Triple Scoop Music Vision Award. Bambi Cantrell was named the “Most Influential Photographer of the Year” in the Photo Focus magazine. In 2007 she was named “One of the 10 BEST wedding photographers in the world” by American Photo Magazine and in 2009 she was the first woman to be honored with the prestigious “Golden Eye” award from the Russian Federation of Professional Photographers.  And in 2004, Ms. Cantrell was named “Icon of Imaging” by Microsoft Corporation.

The SanDisk products allow me to capture quickly and they’re extremely reliable.

I never have to worry or even think about whether I’ll have a successful capture or not—

I know I’m going to get great images without any kind of issue.


Bambi Cantrell

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The next event. These days, my focus is people. So, in addition to photographing weddings, I photograph everything that comes after that. Families, children and anything related to people.

Good question! The Best, Easy! The time I photographed a 94 years old great-grandfather jumping on a bed (it’s a long story). I was photographing a large extended family the day after photographing the last remaining granddaughter's wedding. To get the great-grandchildren to loosen up and enjoy the experience, I asked each of them to jump on the bed in my hotel room (where we did the family session). After the third great-grandchild jumped on the bed, great-grandfather took off his shoe took off his shoes, climbed onto the bed, and jumped. This was THE most awesome experience!  It made the entire family cry with laughter. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The worst experience was the death of my 19 years old daughter shortly before an older sister's wedding... there was an earthquake (yes a strong earthquake during the wedding ceremony) and that made it very difficult.

Don't price your services according to what YOU can afford. Best advice I ever got! 

That is my favorite part! I love the unpredictability.