Tyler Stableford

Emmy-winning director and photographer Tyler Stableford has earned a worldwide clientele for his work. Tyler specializes in crafting heartfelt stories for documentaries, commercials, print and branded-content campaigns.

Tyler is one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light, and Men's Journal named him "One of the Seven World's Greatest Adventure Photographers.” His award-winning short films have screened at film festivals around the globe.

Tyler’s dedication to storytelling extends beyond commercial work — he has filmed over a dozen pro bono projects for humanitarian nonprofits around the world, and he serves as a CASA volunteer for children in the foster care system.

As a commercial director and photographer,

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Tyler Stableford

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Behind the Scenes with Tyler Stableford

My new go-to is the Canon R5 camera and RF lenses, with Sandisk CFexpress cards. It’s an incredibly agile and fast system for both video and stills.

A great picture grabs you before you even know that you are hooked. This kind of rare image involves sculpting light and shadow to create emotion; and it requires a powerful connection to your subject. I am always sure to include background layers in my photos to create a sense of strong storytelling, from the foreground subject to the landscape or other background elements that complete the scene.

Herb Ritts and Ragnar Axelsson have been my two biggest influences. They are wildly different in style. I adore Herb’s use of light, shadow and form. Ragnar captures the human experience in dramatic landscapes. I love combining these kinds of powerful elements in my imagery.