The PRO-BLADE Ecosystem from SanDisk Professional

Change your workflow forever with our first SSD modular storage system.1


Meet the future of creative workflow.

Creators love to push boundaries — that’s why we joined brilliant minds in media and entertainment to create the PRO-BLADE Ecosystem. With PRO-BLADE, you’ll work with less (but better) gear, get faster data transfer speeds, and store more content on higher capacity drives.

Discover the PRO-BLADE Ecosystem

PRO-BLADE Highlights


Reduce data transfer friction with effortless, modular gear.


Power through more content, more quickly with a complete workflow solution.


Update the production process with technology designed for modern creators.

Accelerate Your Workflow with

From pre-production to post, the PRO-BLADE SSD Mag delivers higher speeds, larger capacities, and a radical decrease in the bulk of your equipment.


The core of PRO-BLADE

The PRO-BLADE SSD Mag works with devices that has an SSD Mag slot, so you can swap it in, swap it out, and keep your modular workflow moving.

Durable, dependable drives

Encased in cool aluminum to reduce heat and crush-resistant up to 4,000 pounds2, the PRO-BLADE SSD Mag goes the distance to protect your content.

Space to create

Available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB3, the PRO-BLADE SSD Mag makes it incredibly easy to carry around massive NVMe™ SSD capacities.

Raw NVMe power

The PRO-BLADE SSD Mag uses NVMe technology to drive blazing fast speeds — up to 3000MB/s4 with the PRO-BLADE STATION.1

Capture Your

Pair the SSD Mag with Kondor Blue’s PRO-BLADE SSD Handle to capture content right to your camera rig — on set or in the field.

Kondor Blue PRO-BLADE SSD Handle

Purpose-built for SSD Mags to forge a truly optimized recording experience.

  • Functional as either a top or side handle
  • Integrated safety stops on bottom NATO rail
  • Multiple mounting points

Capturing Content with PRO-BLADE and Kondor Blue

Transport Your

Use the PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT to help protect and transfer your SSD Mags1 from one location to the next, like from set to your studio.


The portable enclosure that helps protect your SSD Mag.1 Think of it like an SSD adapter for PRO-BLADE.

  • Features USB-C™ 20Gbps port and up to 2000MB/s4 transfer speed
  • Aluminum heat-sink to keep your SSD Mags1 cool
  • Designed to easily swap SSD Mags1 in and out
  • Available with the SSD Mag1 in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB3 — or unloaded at 0TB

Transferring Footage with PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT