Internal HDDs

Internal hard disk drives (HDDs) offer a cost-effective way to store large files and heavy-duty data for work, entertainment, and smart home video systems. 

What is an internal hard drive?

Internal HDDs offer low cost per GB or TB of storage, relying on magnetic disk-based storage to save and protect your data. Internal hard drives are some of the most common, reliable ways to store critical applications and content. 

You can use these drives to dependably store and quickly access data for home computing, multimedia, PC gaming, and more. 

Internal HDDs vs. External HDDs

Internal HDDs are installed in your computer, close to your CPU and other key components. This proximity and setup make internal HDDs faster and more durable than external HDDs. 

While external HDDs offer similar technology, they’re portable devices that connect to your computer via USB or FireWire™. They can store large amounts of data, but they can also be slower and less durable than internal HDDs. 

Can you use an internal hard drive as an external hard drive?

Because the underlying technology is the same, the drive can be removed from your computer and configured as an external storage device. 

This is a great way to add storage or extend the use of an internal HDD. For example, if you upgraded your existing 1TB1 internal HDD with a new 4TB internal HDD, you can extend the life of the older drive by using it as an external HDD. 


Internal HDDs for PC Gaming

Amp up your gaming with a WD_BLACK internal HDD so you can store your favorite titles and play them at peak performance.


Impressive storage

Store your favorite games — and still have room for the most demanding new releases — thanks to WD_BLACK internal HDDs with up to 10TB of capacity.1  


Next-level performance

Take gaming to the next level with WD_BLACK internal HDDs that deliver up to 256MB of DRAM cache. Pair with an internal SSD to maximize your gaming experience.


Increased reliability

StableTrac™ Technology — for capacities 2TB or higher — stabilizes our drives’ motor shafts and platters to boost your rig’s performance and durability. 

Leave no game behind

With a WD_BLACK internal HDD, keep your gaming library within arm’s reach and ready to play, thanks to massive storage configurations. 

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