Is your “home office” also a dog park?

Check out these ideas for organizing your work in these crazy times.

Backup is vital

Losing a file is a headache you can do without. Automatic backup simplifies backing up – without adding another to-do item to your already hectic day.

Optimize your workflow

If you regularly work with large files, an SSD can speed things up to 4x faster than a traditional HDD, giving you much-needed time back for mediating disputes among your “colleagues”.

Share content via your own personal cloud

If your work – or your kids’ class work – requires collaboration, remote file-sharing is essential. My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo allow you to easily set up your personal cloud and share files with colleagues, friends and family.

Sometimes more is better

Do you need a lot of storage capacity? With up to 14TB capacity, My Book can back up loads of work files – and includes a social media import feature so you can also back up your favorite livestream sing-alongs.