Joao Carlos

My name is Joao Carlos and I have been a member of the Sandisk Extreme team since 2010, the year I won the prestigious Hasselblad Masters award. I've been a visual story teller for over two decades . I envision my photography as an opportunity to create inspiring pieces of artwork to go beyond the conventionality of fashion and commercial photography and to take that to a lasting fine art level. Recently I have found a lot of pleasure photographing motorcycles, dogs, and horses besides the regular model shoots.

I can’t live without SanDisk’s Extreme Pro SD,

they have always been part of my digital photography career,

besides being super fast and durable,

above all else they are reliable, which is what you want from your memory cards.


Joao Carlos

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Behind the Scenes With Joao Carlos

I love the freedom of creative and working with a team of make-up artists, designers and stylistsand great talent like expressive and beautiful models.

I use Profoto strobes; they are super small and quite robust plus the quality of light isfantastic. Moreover, I use avariety of light modifiers everything from soft boxes to strip banks and beautydishes. Itreally depends on what I am shooting, but I have a lot of fun mixing and creating with light.

I think with over a twenty-yearcareer it’s very difficult to point out my best experience, I think I am very blessed to wake up every day and do what I do for a living. My worst experience having to deal with the money side of doing business.