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Western Digital Employee Store Terms and Conditions

  1. Products offered through this employee purchase program (“EPP”) are priced at SPECIAL EMPLOYEE PRICING and are available to employees of Western Digital only. Special pricing may be updated at any time.
  2. Products purchased through the Western Digital Employee Store website cannot be resold and additional coupons and/or discounts cannot be applied to the employee discount. Employees found violating these conditions are subject to disciplinary action such as a warning letter, a one-year ban from purchasing products via the EPP, or termination. By submitting your order, you certify that you understand the terms and conditions of this Western Digital Employee Store.
  3. The program is intended for personal use or for the use of family members and friends with the following limits:

    1. G-Technology brand – limit of 3 products per SKU per calendar quarter
    2. SanDisk brand – limit of 3 products total per calendar month, regardless of SKU
    3. WD / Western Digital brand – limit of 3 external drive products and 4 internal drive products per SKU per calendar quarter
  4. Credit card payments will be collected at the time order is placed and processed when the order ships.
  5. Western Digital will pay for STANDARD SHIPPING to employee’s desired eligible location.*
  6. Standard warranties will apply as defined in the product user documentation.

*Receive free standard shipping (UPS Ground) on purchases delivered within the contiguous United States, excluding addresses in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories. Western Digital reserves the right to change or discontinue these terms at any time without notice.