Sebastien Devaud

Sebastien Devaud

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

For over 15 years, Sebastien Devaud ( has been a director, passionate about the image. Having studied directing, photography and lighting, Sebastien started out as a cameraman, later developed his editing skills. In 1999, he set up AkwabaPROD to shoot and post-produce commercials and music videos. From there, enjoying the adrenaline of live recording, he moved into broadcast TV and created productions notable for their use of contemporary lighting and depth of field effects.

For Sebastien the release of the Canon EOS 5D MkII was a revelation. Always interested in new technologies, he grasped the potential of this revolutionary camera from the outset. Today, as a Canon enthusiast, he uses their full range of DSLR and Cinema EOS system cameras and lenses in all his productions whether they’re commercials, dramas, music videos, corporate or broadcast.

Regardless of the shoot or cameras he uses, Sebastien trusts recording video exclusively to SanDisk Extreme PRO®CompactFlash, SD Cards and SSDs.

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