Kaustav Saikia

Kaustav Saikia

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Kaustav Saikia is a leading fashion and art photographer from Kolkata within the eastern part of India. He shoots major campaigns for famous fashion designers and brands, and his photographs appear regularly in newspapers, magazines and online publications across the nation. He has been featured in major national level publications such as India Today, Verve, Femina and Marie Claire.

For a typical shoot, Kaustav uses both a 35mm and Medium format systems, as well as two SanDisk Extreme® flash memory cards used simulataneously-one for RAW and the other for JPG. It is important for Kaustav that the equipment used is reliable and trustworthy; the faster read/write speed with constant buffer of the SanDisk Extreme® cards is critical to his success as a fashion cinematographer. With its solid construction, limited lifetime warranty and excellent support program, the SanDisk Extreme flash memory card is Kaustav's memory card of choice.

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